Files placed in here are available for family members to view, copy or print off. Most are in PDF format

To save space on the server they will be deleted on the date shown - so if you need them after this date, please contact me from above etc

  Henry Lamb - Last Will and Testament                              1st April 2014

  Patrick & Ellen - Marriage Certificate                                 1st April 2014

  Patrick - Death Certificate                                                1st April 2014

  Ellen - Death Certificate                                                   1st April 2014

  1939 Register for William & Jane Ann                                1st August 2016

Family members - remember, you can upload your photographs to “The Archives” group on Facebook.

Alternatively, if you have any other documents you wish to share with family members - then email it to me and I’ll convert it and place it on this page for a limited period of time



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